Humans of RMLPD

OC Thursday                                                Convenor Sunday

“RMLPD is extremely special for me-not only because of winning, but also because I have had so much fun here. The organising committee took it upon them to cater to the needs of the participants. They even arranged for warm water, because I had a sore throat in one of the debates. I also remember them getting Kebabs for us almost at midnight, and taking care of people who fell sick after eating them!
Overall, it is a great tournament, and every time I enter my room, the trophy reminds me of this tournament and the wonderful people I met.”
– Anandeshwari Singh, as narrated to Swapnil Singh.












“Some colleges make you go far down south, some are way up north, some in the east are landlocked, prosaic and a few in the west are in the back of beyond. RMLNLU, by some astral influence it seems, has its location mapped out by providence- it’s in Lucknow, and who doesn’t want to go to Lucknow! Over the years, in my opinion, it has been one of the prime reasons why RMLPD has been one of the most keenly contested debate competitions of the country- the creme de la creme visit the Varsity annually to stake claim to one of the most sought-after trophies in the circuit. Its portals have witnessed the best debate, and those with an eye for detail will testify that some of the better debate speeches made in the recent past, were made at RML.
Visit RML if you are not a cowardly spirit and prefer head-on quality competition. Visit for the quality of the adjudication core who leave no stone unturned to make the tournament worthwhile. And visit RML, because debate trips are amazing to say the least, and can unwittingly gift you lifetime friendship. I was there for the 4th RML PD, which took place in February 2016, and on February 14, 2016, around five of us lit cigarettes in a remote corner of the sprawling RMLNLU campus, and shared with each other our most beloved Valentine’s day memories. We didn’t win the debate but it was Valentine’s day, there was romance in the air and conversations were smooth like the winter morning’s breeze.

When RML beckons in February, don’t say no.”
– Harshit Anand, as narrated to Kirti Sharma.

Adjudicating debates has been perhaps one of the best things that I have done in law school that aided in my personal development and growth. RMLPD is a fertile ground for development of novices and experts alike. RMLPDs have been thoroughly enjoyable for me personally. After the first one, I had started adjudicating myself  and thus I participated as an in-house adjudicator. This was one of the best times. Oh, the competition was fierce. After every round, we would desperately wait for our scores and the competition was literally neck-to-neck with differences being as small as 0.25 points at times. On the second day, the person who ended up winning the competition was all praises about Bharat Sir while they said nothing about me even though we had all adjudicated in the same room. I was slightly disheartened. But I did not mind losing against Bharat sir either. By the time the results were to be announced, Bharat sir and I were on the edge of our chairs eagerly waiting for the results. I was pretty sure I was going to lose. I was only in my second year while Bharat sir was in his fifth year and add to it the fact that he had been praised. Nonetheless, I had made my peace with it. However, to my surprise, my total score was higher than his. Only by a single point or so. But I was the best in-house adjudicator for RMLPD. The news was still sinking in. I only realized what had happened when Bharat sir was hugging me and congratulating me.”
“I had a great time adjudicating in the RMLPD. The OC works very hard to make it an enriching experience, for everyone, in house participants included.
In house adjing is really helpful in that you can make mistakes here and get feedback from a bunch of different people, including both debaters and experienced adjudicators.”
“All in all, adjudication has been as big a part of my personal development and growth as debating and RMLPD has been in my college life.
Thank you DDC!”
– Ashwin Mishra and Bharat Hari Dhakalia, as narrated to Avantika Verma.

Ashwin and Bharat have not only been brilliant in-house adjudicators but have also done us proud by performing well at other reputed debating tournaments.




















“Debating at RMLPD was a very exciting experience for all of us. A very large contingent, excellent guava juice and some wonderful herbs made this trip among the best I’ve had in my 3 years in college.
A lot of credit for this goes to the DDC members who were friendly and competent. We went in expecting an easy tournament, but we were pleasantly surprised. The quality of debate and judging at RMLPD is quite good.
In the year I participated, the finals was an all-Stephens event. Half an hour before it began, all 6 of us (shout out to Dev, Prachi, Tejas, Kartik and Rohan) sat near the Audi and shared a plate of Tunday kebabs. These kebabs are the one major reason I would ask everyone to go to RML.
Guys, trust me, nothing beats 3 days of Tunday kebabs!!
– Ashish Mathew, as narrated to Saharsh Chitransh.

Ashish was part of the winning team of the fourth edition of RMLPD in 2016.

“My visit to RMLNLU for their PD had an ulterior motive. I was there to keep my promise of meeting my friends before they graduate. Between the realization that RML’s identity to Autowallas is shadowed by Ashiyana College and the discovery of gulkand flavored cigarettes, my tryst with RMLPD initiated just like Tunday Kebabs of Lucknow (I never had them during the PD, but I have zero regrets, courtesy RMLPD OrgCom). It was only supposed to get better with each passing moment.
You would want to believe that the penguin shaped dustbins are the most fascinating features of RML but with stellar teams showcasing high debate standards throughout the tournament, you would be in a state of trance to notice them after a while (which can be enhanced given ShivRatri comes early at RML). All jokes apart, RMLPD for me has been a storehouse of amazing motions, followed by some strong interesting debating, supported by extremely co-operative and efficient Org-Com.
The experience was once in a lifetime for I owe a major share of my growth as an Adj to RML.
P.S- They hold their PD during Valentine’s week, and RML is the safest space from Anti-Romeo Squad, so the smart choice is not that hard, right!”
– Chinmoy Dey, as narrated to Sanyukta Srivastav.

Chinmoy has been a regular at the RMLPD and has been awarded and appreciated for his adjudication in all three editions (2014-2017) that he was here.










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