Core Adj

 Ladies and Gentlemen we present to you our first core adjudicator with immense pride, an undeniable stalwart in the debating circuit – Rahul Seth. We look forward to seeing him again on the panel after the 3rd Ram Manohar Lohiya Parliamentary Debate and with equal zeal we hope he brings his delicacies for us again. 😛

An alumnus of National Law University, Delhi, Seth has a long list of laurels to his name. To name a few, he has won tournaments like The Hindu College Parliamentary Debate (2014), 7th NUJS Parliamentary Debate (2014), Mukherji Memorial (2014), the Nani Palkhivala Memorial Debate, RV British (2013), People Speak (2013), Thadani (2013), SRCC (2013) and the NLS Bangalore Parliamentary Debate twice in (2012 & 2014). Safe to say that he is someone who has accumulated debating accolades at the most venerated debates in the circuit. 

The list is nowhere close to an end here, there also exists a string of prestigious tournaments wherein he has triumphed as the ‘Best Adjudicator.’ Few of them being the NLIU Debate (2013), ‘Polemic’, the Ramjas College Parliamentary Debate (2013) and The Sri Ram Memorial Debate ‘Crossfire’ (2014).

Having been a part of the adjudication core at 2nd UNPD, 4th NLIU Debate, 2nd Jindal IV, 1st Presidency Parliamentary Debate, 2nd KSOL Parliamentary Debate, CCET (2014), NLU-D (2013), Shaheed Sukhdev College (2012) and many more, we are sure that Rahul’s presence at our tournament will once again accentuate the quality of competition and ensure the enriching experience that every participant shall cherish and take back with them.

Welcome aboard!





























 Joining us from the University of Malaya is the president of its Debating Society Vinodhan Kuppusamy. His 2018 started with making it to the Octo-Finals at the World Universities Debating Championship in Mexico and trust us when we say that that is tip of the iceberg. Let’s just say we are extremely glad facebook does not have a character limit. 😛His top debating achievements include ESL GRAND-FINALIST – World Universities Debating Championship 2017, Netherlands; ESL CHAMPION – Australasian Intervarsity Debating Championship 2016, Perth; SEMI-FINALIST & 13th BEST SPEAKER – World Universities Peace Invitational Debate 2017; SEMI-FINALIST – United Asians Debating Championship 2017, Cambodia; QUARTER-FINALIST & 11th BEST SPEAKER – Asian British Parliamentary 2016, Jakarta; GRAND-FINALIST & 5th BEST SPEAKER – Malaysian Nationals Intervarsity Debating Championship 2017; PRE-QUARTER-FINALIST & 13th BEST SPEAKER – Asian British Parliamentary 2017, Krabi; BROKE 6th& QUARTER-FINALIST – United Asians Debating Championship 2016, Thailand; GRAND-FINALIST & 3rd BEST SPEAKER – Macau Asian Parliamentary Debate Open 2016; SEMI-FINALIST & 5th BEST SPEAKER – China British Parliamentary Debate Open 2015; BROKE 4th& QUARTER-FINALIST – Malaysian Debate Open 2016; CHAMPION & 4th BEST SPEAKER – Petaling Jaya Debate Open 2016; CHAMPION & 2nd BEST SPEAKER & FINAL’S BEST SPEAKER – UKM Intervarsity Medical Ethics Debate 2016; CHAMPION – Malaysian Crime Prevention Foundation Debate 2016; CHAMPION, OVERALL & FINAL’S BEST SPEAKER – Avicienna International Medical Debate 2015; CHAMPION & FINAL’S BEST SPEAKER- Law-Med Debate Challenge 2016.

His achievements as an adjudicator include GRAND-FINALS – Kyushu Debate Open 2017, Fukuoka, Japan. (Chief Adjudicator); GRAND-FINALS & 4th BEST ADJ – Gujrat National Law University Debate 2017, Ahmedabad, India. (Invited Adjudicator); GRAND-FINALS – Shanghai International Debate Challenge 2017, Shanghai, China. (Invited Adjudicator); GRAND-FINALS & 5th BEST ADJ – NTU Dorothy Cheung Debating Championship 2017, Singapore. (Subsidized Adjudicator); GRAND-FINALS & 3rd BEST ADJ – Assumption Thailand Debate Open 2017, Bangkok, Thailand. (Subsidized Adjudicator); GRAND-FINALS – MS Ramaiah Parliamentary Memorial Debate 2016, Bangalore, India (Invited Adjudicator); GRAND-FINALS – World Debate Academy 2016 & 2017, Beihang (Invited Adjudicator); GRAND-FINALS – Chengdu Debate Open 2016, China (Invited Adjudicator) ; GRAND-FINALS – GuangZhou Debating Society Spring Debate 2015, China (Invited Adjudicator) ; GRAND-FINALS – China National University Debating Championship “FLTRP Cup” 2016, BFSU (Invited Adjudicator); SEMI-FINALS – Beijing Debate Challenge 2016, BFSU (Invited Adjudicator); GRAND-FINALS – Brickfields Asia College Debating Championship 2016, (Subsidized Adjudicator) ; GRAND-FINALS – Sunway Debate Open 2016 (Subsidized Adjudicator) ; GRAND-FINALS – National Pharmacy Debating Championship 2016, (Subsidized Adjudicator)

With adjudication core experience at Australasian Intervarsity Debating Championship 2018, Malaysian Nationals Intervarsity Debating Championship 2018, Tamil Nadu National Law School Intervarsity Debate 2018, Tiruchirappalli, India, NUALS Parliamentary Debate 2018, Kochi, India, Atma Jaya Debate Open 2018, Jakarta, Indonesia, Guangdong Debate Challenge 2018, Guangdong, China, Ramaiah IV 2017, Bangalore, India, Jindal Debate 2017, Sonepat, India, Trivium 8 Debate 2017, Chandigarh, India, Trivium VII Debating Championship 2016, Chandigarh, India, Brickfield’s Asia College Debate Open 2017, Borneo Inter-School Debating Championship 2017, Dato WIRA English Debate Challenge Cup 2017 (District), Swinburne Sarawak Inter-School Debating Championship 2017, Taylor’s University Inter-School Debating Championship 2017, and many more, he clearly brings a lot to the tournament.

Vinodhan is credited for bringing out the best in people around him and more than anything, he’s formed relationships and memories with everyone he’s debated with, debated against and the organizers of the debates he’s attended.

We are elated to have him on board!