The tournament where you earn and earn big! Lot many prizes, all in cash! DDC RMLNLU presents the Parliamentary Debate that will make you rich!

The tournament follows a 3-on-3 Asian Parliamentary format.

A debate round has two teams with three debaters each and the Adjudicator(s). One team represents the Government (Proposition), while the other represents the Opposition. The Government team consists of the Prime Minister, the Deputy Prime Minister and the Government Whip. The Opposition team comprises the Leader of Opposition, the Deputy Leader of Opposition and the Opposition Whip. The speakers alternate between the teams. The first speech is given by the Prime Minister and the Opposition Whip delivers the last constructive speech of the House. The reply speeches which follow are given by the Opposition first and Government last. The Adjudicator(s) decide(s) at the end of the round, based on the arguments made in the debate, whether the Government has proved its case or whether the Opposition has disproved it. The team which met its burden more convincingly wins.

  • The round starts with 3 motions being released, both the teams are supposed to rank the motions from 1 to 3, and the topic ranked 3rd is cancelled out. If both teams rank the same motion, then there is a coin toss.


  • After a motion as been decided, a coin toss decides which team will be the Government side and which will be the side Opposition.


  • The teams are then given 20 minutes preparation time, after which they present their case. The speaking time for each speaker is 7 minutes, which is broken down into 1+5+1, the first and the last minute being protected, i.e., no POIs (explained later) can be raised.


  • The speakers alternate between the teams, from 1st Government to 3rd Opposition followed by Opposition Reply Speech and Government Reply Speech, which are of 4 minutes each.